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TERFs always invariably end up arguing against a massive strawman that has never existed, quoting "basic biology" in the most condescending tone imaginable, then strutting around like a pigeon who just shit on the chessboard like they've said something brave and profound. So much meandering prose and all for nothing.

But weaponizing indigeneity while conveniently making no mention of two-spirits is a new one.

Of course we all know JK Rowling's spotless history when it comes to racism and depiction of native people, like how skinwalkers are just evil wizards or how the oldest school in South America has Portuguese name. Really goes to show her deep personal commitment to decolonialization unlike *scoff* Judithh Bulter.

This is so embarrassing honestly.

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In Seattle last week, people demanded of the school board that the schools stop pushing gender identity on kids. BEFORE we gave our 2 minutes-each public comments, Board members pontificated for a long time denouncing us. School Board Member Chandra Hampson mentioned at the end of her long speech, (after discussing her own trans-identifying child), that her tribal culture has a word for Two Spirits, and that "two-spirit people have been around since time immemorial. This is not a new concept." This, of course, prompted cheers from the crowd of people who had shown up to oppose us. My article about delivering the Demand: https://caroldansereau.substack.com/p/seattle-activists-submit-formal-demand

Thank you for your substack. If you or readers can send any other materials my way challenging the claims made by the Gender Cult here, we'll be grateful. If there is a primer somewhere that explains what "two spirit" actually meant/means in various cultures...that would be helpful. I can be reached via the email included on the About page of the article linked above.

BTW, here's what Chandra Hampson's campaign literature said about her a few years back: "She is from the Cloud family, and Thunderbird clan of the Winnebago Tribe. She is raising her third and fifth grade girls to understand the importance of being courageous for their ancestors, both HoChunk and Anishinaabe." (I think one of those 2 girls now "identifies" as a boy, and is treated as such.)

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It’s hard to write about all this stuff because it’s complex. A person gets sidetracked easily. It winds up too long.

I like what you did here with aiming for the big picture and going after all the major aspects and giving them succinct attention, while continuing to barrel on through all this cultural travesty. Fine work. Subscribed.

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